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February 2017
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boise birth photographer: liam

boise birth photographer: liam

Saturday February 22, I received the text I had been anticipating: “We’re on our way to the hospital” I went from leisure Saturday mode to full up Tasmanian Devil code red….if there were such a thing. I started pacing the floors, making calls to my stand-by baby-sitters, driving like a mad woman to pick Luke up from his friend’s birthday party cleaning my house. You would have thought I was the one going into labor. When I got all of my affairs in order (which took about ten minutes) I replied “ON MY WAY!!!!” To which I received “We’ll let you know when we’ve got a room.” Back to pacing the floors…

When I arrived, Shanna was as settled as she could be, she was in her zone, determined to see this through drug free if possible with her husband right by her side. He never left her side. Later, when I was going through the images I kept finding his hands, they were always touching his love. I have had two babies myself, both with an epidural and photographed several births, all with epidurals, this was the first natural labor I witnessed. I had progressed pretty far in my labor without asking for one and I remember the pain. It’s undeniable, and to be honest watching Shanna endure it wasn’t easy either. I wanted to say “it’s okay take it…” but of course it’s not my place. And after it was all said and done, I am very proud of her for seeing it through. It took tremendous strength and stamina and sheer will. It also took the support of her husband and nurse. Reflecting back, I couldn’t help but draw the parallel between enduring childbirth and life. In the moments of pain and weariness, Shanna drew from the strength and encouragement of Logan and Abbey, her nurse. In life, when we are in pain and weak, isn’t that exactly what we need, for those who love us and even those who hardly know us to tell us “you can do it…you’re strong…we’re right here by your side.” Without that I think many of us would give up. Shanna’s strong but I know those words, Logan’s hand on her shoulder and wiping the sweat from her brow, and Abbey’s eye contact constant words of encouragement helped keep her going. She was amazing! Tired and in pain Shanna stuck it out for hours! There were moments I cried, because I felt helpless to help her, but mostly I was in awe of her strength and conviction.

boise_birth_photographer002 boise_birth_photographer003 Whenever I photograph births I always keep tabs on the clock. When you are in labor time seems to stand still.boise_birth_photographer004

The baby station waits. It’s hard to imagine in just a few hours it will contain new life. boise_birth_photographer005 boise_birth_photographer006 boise_birth_photographer007Abbey, the labor and delivery nurse…wow, she was awesome! She will, no doubt, hold a very special place in Shanna’ heart.


So close, Liam was born at 9:50. boise_birth_photographer009boise_birth_photographer010 From sheer pain to sheer joy and elation in a moment.boise_birth_photographer011boise_birth_photographer012 boise_birth_photographer013I think this is my favorite shot of the bunch…those sweet little fingers…my heart melts and I am overwhelmed with joy for this sweet family. boise_birth_photographer014boise_birth_photographer015 boise_birth_photographer016boise_birth_photographer017Time to put the baby station to use. I think it would be really cool to be a newborn baby nurse! boise_birth_photographer018boise_birth_photographer019 boise_birth_photographer020 boise_birth_photographer021 boise_birth_photographer022 Friends check in, they thought she was still in labor, they are the first to get to see sweet Liam.boise_birth_photographer023

 boise_birth_photographer024 boise_birth_photographer025I love this shot of Shanna with her baby…a sweet moment just mother and son. boise_birth_photographer026THIS is an Air Force Family!boise_birth_photographer027

And THIS is a very blessed me! boise_birth_photographer028