February 2017
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i’m alive and well; my race to robie creek

I grew up always believing anything was possible. That if I set my mind to do something, anything, I could do it. I don’t remember specifically being taught that, I just believed it. I knew there’s an element of luck and good genetic coding but for the most part, I believed that if someone REALLY
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boise birth photographer: liam

Saturday February 22, I received the text I had been anticipating: “We’re on our way to the hospital” I went from leisure Saturday mode to full up Tasmanian Devil code red….if there were such a thing. I started pacing the floors, making calls to my stand-by baby-sitters, driving like a mad woman to pick Luke up from
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boise family photographer: miss o turns one!

Three years ago I posted Dan & Danielle’s engagement session, today I have the privilege of posting their family photos with their beautiful one-year-old daughter. As you can see, as smitten as they are with one another, it applies ten-fold to their sweet little girl. I just love this family.

boise fitness photographer: katherine kerrick

I had a fun start to 2014, professionally speaking with my first session with Katherine Kerrick. She’s an actor and model from New York who is just as nice as she is beautiful. I was honored to help her with her portfolio.  

boise lifestyle photographer: new year’s eve pizza style

I think this was our fourth year bringing in the New Year with Jay’s friend Isaac. It has become a tradition. This year, Nick was gone, so it was just me and the boys and although I was feeling sad and sorry for myself for not having any other adult company, they proved to be
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boise lifestyle photographer: burning tree

 This our second annual Christmas tree burning with our friends, Austin & Amanda. We go to the Lucky Peak beach, bring hot cocoa and have a little bon fire. It’s so much fun and a the perfect way to start the year.    

boise lifestyle photographer: help portrait

 Last Saturday I had the honor of participating in Boise’s second annual Help Portrait held at Cathedral of the Rockies. Help Portrait is a dedicated day each December where photographers come together all over the world and give themselves and their services to provide portraits to those who can’t otherwise afford the luxury of a family
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teenager; boise lifestyle photographer

Last week Jay turned thirteen. This week he had his braces put on and when I saw him walk out of the orthodontist’s office it hit me like a load of bricks…he’s a teenager. The realization that this day would come has been coming to me steadily for the past three years with the changing
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mclane ~ boise newborn photography

When I arrived for this newborn session McLane and his dad were cuddled up on the sofa watching the Packers play. I am sure this will be first of many football seasons of father/son bonding. Maybe next year McLane will be more excited about the game… I love the way he is looking at his dad. 
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alli & drew ~ boise wedding photography

Would you like to hear their story? They’re high school sweet-hearts, graduated, separated, and then they went off to college. They reunited fell back in love, got engaged and set their wedding date for August 4th 2013 a year in advance. They couldn’t wait, however, to say their vows so they eloped. This is their
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